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Kevin Murphy lives in Tunbridge Wells, UK. This site provides local and technology resources, some background information about me and some links to organisations I have been involved with in my career.


Kevin lives in Tunbridge Wells, UK and works globally from there. After college, he worked in the DES laboratories developing physics and electronics experiments, which included running courses for teachers. This was at Ivy Farm in Knockholt - an old secret communications post during the war. In 1977 Kevin joined the Natural History Museum in London and eventually ran a small team which grew to 10 people, developing Audio-Visual technology and exhibits and well as media shows - slide, video and multimedia computer based games. The Special Effects Section worked closely with internal Museum designers at the cutting edge of exhibition design and technology.  In 1987 Kevin joined Electrosonic as a product manager, and he went on to form the Leisure Division - working on Entertainment and Cultural projects literally around the World. With some success, this model was replicated in the US and beyond making Entertainment an important part of the business and Group. Kevin held many senior roles throughout his 20 years in the Group in Entertainment and business communications. In March 2008, Kevin joined Event Communications as Development Director. Event is one of Europes leading exhibition designers, and he took on a senior role working on Business Development and also responsibility for some key technology designs and project management. In August 2016, Kevin was delighted to join Kraftwerk Living Technologies as VP of Strategic Planning - a Board role that stretches across all activities of the highest quality AV Systems Integration company, based in Wels Austria but with projects across the Globe. In March 2018, Kevin took on the role of Director of Sales and Marketing.


Kevin is a past member of the TiLE (Trends in Leisure and Entertainment) conference committee, having chaired the conference in May 2000 . Kevin is also a past European & Middle East President for TEA - The organisation for Creators of Compelling Places and Experiences and currently on the EME Board. He was also a founder member of TEA.


With the little time left, Kevin enjoys cars, walking, travelling the World with his wife and partner, our exotic Bengals and spending time at home. It had to go, but one past pride and joy was a modified 308GTS - the most expensive of hobbies, a beast to drive but an absolute pleasure……
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